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Laddomatic 125



Laddomatic 125

Laddomatic 125 is an anti-condensation and motorized charging unit for biofuel boilers. Based on our well known and reliable TV 3S mixing valves and Thermomatic actuators.

The unit has a capacity up to 80 kW and is designed to function optimally in this range.

Raises the return temperature to the boiler bottom, which prevents corrosion through condensation and extends the service life of the boiler.

Enables the boiler to attain working temperature in a very short time. This improves boiler effi ciency.

Charges the accumulator tank by means of a slow flow of hot water. A thin boundary layer in the tank is necessary for an effective, easy-to operate boiler system. With Laddomat layering is optimal.

The mixing valve has 90° turning angle and fi ts with most commonly used actuators.

With our Thermomatic controllers you can easily optimize the regulation to your system.

Termoventiler design, quality and technical know-how ensures an effi cient and reliable system.

Technical data

Options: Without actuator
Thermomatic TVM 120, actuator only (for external control)
Thermomatic CC, constant temp. controller
Pump: 6 m ErP, 180 mm
Connections: R25
Kvs value: 10
Max boiler output: 80 kW (at ΔT 22°C).