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Laddomat 11-100

Laddomat 11-100 raises the return temperature to the boiler bottom, which prevents corrosion through condensation and extends the service life of the boiler.

Laddomat 11-100 enables the boiler to attain working temperature in a very short space of time. This improves boiler effi ciency.

Laddomat 11-100 charges the storage tank by means of a slow fl ow of hot water. A thin boundary layer* in the storage tank is necessary for an effective, easy-to operate boiler system. With Laddomat 11-100 layering is optimal.

During the fi nal part of fi ring, Laddomat 11-100 charges the storage tank fully, thanks to the unique thermal valve, which chokes the bypass port.

Simple dimensioning - Laddomat 11-100 is suitable for use with any boiler with maximum output up to 120 kW.

Laddomat 11-100 is supplied with shut off valves to facilitate any servicing without having to drain the system.

EPP insulation is standard

* Layering = A thin border between the hot water on top and the colder, denser water underneath.

LM11-100 Med pump och kulventiler utan epp
LM11-100 Med pump och kulventiler och epp
LM11-100 Med epp Laddomat 11-100

Laddomat 11-100 placed by the boiler or the accumulator.

Laddomat 11-100

Installation example without accumulator.