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Laddomat 11-30

Laddomat 11-30 increases the return temperature to the boiler bottom. It prevents corrosion and extends the service life of the boiler.

Laddomat 11-30 has a unique control function which means that the boiler quickly reaches a high and even working temperature. This improves boiler effi ciency.

When connecting up to a tank, Laddomat 11-30 charges the storage tank by means of a slow fl ow. This means that layering is optimal. Layering* in the storage tank is necessary for optimal system function.

Metal valve seat and control plate give long-term control function reliability and reduce the need for maintenance.

Simple dimensioning - Laddomat 11-30 is suitable for use with any boiler up to 30 kW.

* Layering = A thin border in the tank between the hot water on top and the colder, denser water underneath.

Laddomat 1130 Laddomat 11-30

Installation example without accumulator.