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Laddomat 21-100

  • Laddomat 21-100

    Laddomat 21-100

  • Laddomat 21-100 with EPP-isolation

    Laddomat 21-100
    with EPP-isolation

Charging unit for a solid fuel boiler to a heat storage tank.

Laddomat 21-100 is a complete unit and is simple to install. Laddomat 21-100 ensures perfect charging of the tank.

Thanks to efficient hot water control, Laddomat 21-100 can have a higher opening temperature at high boiler output compared to other similar products.

Laddomat 21-100 enables the boiler to quickly attain the right working temperature and then charges with a slow flow and a high and even temperature. The vitally important boundary layer* between hot and cold water is therefore optimal.

Laddomat 21-100 increases the return temperature to the boiler bottom. It prevents corrosion and extends the service life of the boiler.

During the final part of firing, Laddomat 21-100 charges the storage tank fully, thanks to the unique thermal valve, which closes the bypass port completely.

After firing, Laddomat 21-100 makes use of the residual heat in the boiler and embers by the self-circulation of hot water from the top of the boiler into the storage tank.

In the event of a power failure Laddomat 21-100 starts charging the tank automatically by self-circulation. The same happens if the pump fails = High operational reliability!

Simple dimensioning - Laddomat 21-100 is suitable for use with any boiler up to 120 kW.

Laddomat 21-100 has a rugged design with generous sealing surfaces, for simple fitting.

Laddomat 21-100 is manufactured for maximum service life and problem free function. For example, the valve does not have any cast seats that can cause corrosion and leakage and is designed to have a minimal risk of oscillation.

Laddomat 21-100 is extremely easy to service compared to other ”solutions”. The shut-off valves with levers mean that maintenance can be carried out easily without draining the system.

The shut off valves have extra large openings to cope with the maximum fl ow demand at the end of the charging period and during self-circulation.

Three thermometers offer full control over the charging cycle.

Very small general dimensions and low weight allow easy installation.

* Layering = A thin border between the hot water on top and the colder, denser water underneath.

Laddomat 21100