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Laddomat MR
Erp Ready



Laddomat MR

Versatile regulator for controlling heating systems

The Laddomat MR is a control device with separate Connection Centre (CC) with a total of three relays and 4 sensor inputs. A number of different control programs are available. All settings are made in the separate Control Panel (CP).

Benefits of Laddomat MR

A Laddomat MR can control in many different ways, partly making it easier to have it in stock, partly easier to learn one and the same control with the settings, connections and the adjustments that are possible.

Removable terminals in the Connection Centre make it easier to connect sensors and pumps.

The display provides an overview of relevant temperatures and settings, as well as what is currently operating.

Possibility of connection up to 4 sensors to read off temperatures in the display.

Submersible tubes and/or materials for sensor tube assembly are always included in the various packages, according to the specifi cation for best functions.