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Laddomat MR 30

Control and charge package for batch charging between tanks, with the option of re-charging the main tank.

Laddomat MR 30 is used for batch charging between the main tank and slave tank. The Control Centre has a separate Connection Centre (CC) with a total of three relays and 4 sensor inputs. All settings are made in the separate Control Panel.

Used for the following systems:

Sys 30 – Culvert control. Batch charging from, e.g. a main tank in a separate boiler room into a slave tank in the living areas. Batch charging signifi cantly reduces heat losses in the culvert.

Sys 31 – Culvert control with return charge. Culvert control can be supplemented for return charge with an extra sensor and pump. This will start the return charge, for example, if a solar coil is fi tted in the slave tank and it overheats. The surplus heat is returned to the main tank in the boiler room.