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Thermomatic EC Home

Part no Description
12 15 01 Thermomatic EC Home, complete with motor and room sensor
12 70 01 Outdoor sensor for EC Home, incl. 25 m 2-wire cable
12 70 02 Passive room sensor for EC Home, incl. 25 m 2-wire cable
12 70 03 Relay box for EC Home

Easy domestic heating regulation, now in a new design offering a new range of features

Thermomatic EC Home has been developed from our renowned Thermomatic concept, in which simplicity and user-friendliness have been the keywords.

At the easiest setting, you have a control that just responds to the room temperature.

It is, however, also possible, using the same unit, to regulate according to the outdoor temperature.

You can run both independently, but also combine them in a number of ways so that you meet every installation's requirements for comfort and use. See the reverse for a more detailed description.

All settings are entered in the digital control panel. This also acts as the room sensor. You can also use passive room sensors, which would be suitable for e.g. rental apartments where you want to separate the control panel and temperature sensing.

These options are available:

  • Use the timer function for control of day and night temperatures.
  • Receive an alarm if the temperature is too high or too low.
  • Control the temperature externally using e.g. a GSM module.
  • Control the circulation pump and electric heating through an external module.
  • Limit access and viewing data for unauthorised persons.
  • Read history of indoor, outdoor and supply temperatures.

Thermomatic EC Home is also acknowledged for being easy to install:

  • The control panel can be fi tted anywhere. The panel is also suitable for fi tting on standard 70 mm electrical junction boxes (wall socket type).
  • Motor and connection boxes can be fi tted together using a simple fi xing system. They can also be separated and fi tted in different locations if so wished.

Motors and connection box are factory fitted. Power adapter and supply sensors are connected and ready. All of this makes installation all the easier and quicker for you.

Thermomatic EC Home is easy to use:

  • The room sensors allow you to benefi t from all of the surplus heat from lighting, TV, oven, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner or the inhabitants of the house. You just set the desired temperature on the control panel. Thermomatic takes care of the rest.
  • Just one setting to adjust the heat (when using a single room sensor).
  • Easy setting to set the maximum and minimum supply temperatures between 5 and 90°C. Great for underfl oor heating and wood burning stoves.
  • The control panel is connected by a fl exible 4-way cable that is included in the installation kit.

The Thermomatic EC Home pays for itself quickly, due to its

  • Reasonable purchase price.
  • High energy savings – more than 20% compared to manual control.
  • Reliable and long-term quality.
  • The equipment is connected via an S-marked, future-proof 24V power supply, so you don't need a qualified electrician.