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Accumulating doubles the efficiency and cuts energy costs significantly.

Varmt hus länge

With a sufficiently large accumulator tank that is connected in the correct way, the boiler can work at full output, at high temperatures and with 70–90 percent efficiency.

Good control equipment allows the boiler to get up to full working temperature, approximately 80–90°C. Then the boiler heats the house in the first instance, while the surplus energy is stored in the accumulator tank. After 3–4 hour’s firing the tank is fully charged. How long, and how often do you fire the boiler for at present?

The minimal smoke keeps both the neighbours and the chimney sweep happy, while saving you both wood and work.

Warm house for longer

Depending on the size of the house and the tank, the stored heat will keep the house warm for 10–20 hours before you have to fire the boiler again.