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Laddomat gives greater comfort and better economy
thanks to perfect layering.


To exploit your tank’s accumulation capacity optimally it is important that the water in the tank is layered, both when charging and when discharging (Laddomat 4030/5030). Good layering extends the time between charges and increases hot water and heating comfort.

Layering means that hot water, introduced slowly to the top of the tank, lies on top of the cold water and creates a hot zone at the top of the tank. The water in the hot zone maintains the same temperature, for example 80°C. The cold water maintains, for example, 30°C. The layer border between the hot and cold water is 10–20 cm high and the temperature here rises from 30°C to 80°C.

This is how Laddomat 21 works


A comparison

Without Laddomat there is no layering, neither when charging nor when discharging (Laddomat 4030/5030). This means that the charging must stop before the whole tank is hot. In practice, this means that you only get approx 20 kWh energy from a 500 litre tank when the temperature in the tank falls from 70°C to 35°C. The hot water that you then get is not even enough for a shower!

With Laddomat the whole tank can be charged to at least 80°C and therefore the temperature falls from 80°C to 30°C across the whole volume, thanks to layering being retained. You get approx 30 kWh, that is 50 percent more energy, from the same tank.

The boiler lasts longer

If the water from the tank is not preheated the risk of corrosion in the boiler is increased. Corrosion significantly shortens the service life of the boiler; some boilers require replacement after only 3–5 years. Laddomat ensures that the boiler gets to operating temperature quickly by pre-heating the cold water in the tank before it is routed into the boiler.